Christian Involvement in Secret Societies




Should Christians be involved in secret societies?


The very nature of a “secret society” goes against the very nature of the Christian belief. The Bible is open to everyone and the call is for everyone to know the knowledge of Jesus Christ, Revelation 22:17.  Printable version link is at the bottom of the page.


Secret societies often have secret rituals, oaths and activities that are not only restricted to others but often have unknown origins and meanings to such rituals. Should a believer be reciting something that may be demonic or have an unknown meaning? The life of a Christian is an open-book. All believers live by the same manual—the Bible. It is open for discussion and goes through numerous translations.


Members of such societies often state that their organization is similar to the church. But where should a believer's allegiance be? One has to consider a few things:

  1. Many societies require time and energy. Does this interfere with other personal time as well as time devoted to reading God's word or prayer?
  2. Should I spend the same amount of time in witnessing to others in the community? Will this be a wiser choice for me?
  3. Societies require an allegiance to them. Is there any higher allegiance than our allegiance with God? Why should a Christian consider this?
  4. The direction of most societies is to help mankind instead of spirit-kind.
  5. Dedication and commitment to a secret society lends itself on good works rather than faith in God.
  6. Can a Christian be equally-yoked with a secret society and Christianity? Can a person give allegiance with non-believers and still speak of godliness? The Bible teaches us to be separate from the world.
  7. A Christian's life should be an open book. Secret societies carry out their ceremonies behind closed doors and usually seek economic gain between members.

Americans have been intrigued about the mystery of secret societies but to the Christian, one should maintain its allegiance toward God and refrain from entities that not God-centered and will hinder us from doing God's will.


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