What is next?  Breaking the Huddle

How long do we stay in huddled together?  There is a purpose in huddling up for a season but there is a time that we need to break out from the huddle to impliment our goals and objectives of the church.  The church should have a plan but talking and planning without putting them into place does not accomplish anything.  The church is in existence for a reason.  The church should be a "living" example for everyone to see and "share" its love to everyone in their community, not just being content huddling up in their church building.


This article shares a need for us to simply break from the huddle.



July 7, 2020

Greetings from your friends at Pastoral Care Inc.


Breaking Out of the Huddle




Is Your Church Focused on the Virus or the Vision?




The coronavirus pandemic has forced our churches into huddle mode. Many of our programs and routines have been disrupted. Many pastors report that they have been busier than ever just keeping up with the many changes and adaptations the pandemic has required.

Is your church in huddle mode right now? Are you swamped providing increased pastoral care to your church members, as they deal with sickness, unemployment, fear, loneliness, or depression?

Some pastors do not even recognize the difference between their relationship with God and their ministry.

We Must Do More Than Huddle Up

I praise God for each church that is managing to hold things together and keep your people from straying during this difficult time. However, pastors also tell me their churches’ outreach efforts have come to a halt. We are huddled up with the faithful, waiting out the pandemic and hoping to hold on to the people we have. But Jesus has called us to do much more than to merely huddle up.



Football is not about 11 players standing in a circle and talking. Football fans don’t pay $75 or more so they can sit in a stadium and watch the players huddle up. The excitement starts when the team breaks from the huddle, gets back to their positions, faces the opposition, and executes a winning play.

The shepherd who had 99 sheep grazing safe and sound in open pasture went out to seek and save the one that was lost. In the same way, we must do more than merely maintain the status quo at our churches. We must not allow this pandemic to rob us of our vision for the lost. We must do everything we can to play “in such a way that you may win” (1 Cor 9:29).

Don’t Give the Virus All Your Attention

Frankly, many believers and churches are focused more on this virus right now than on our God-given vision to reach the lost. When we gather together as believers, our conversations center more on the coronavirus than on the Word of God.

I am not a coronavirus denier. This pandemic is very real, and we need to be safe and use wisdom. But we must not let this virus bind us or blind us. We must place our faith in God, trust Him for our protection, and seek the victory He wants to give us.

God wants to use you and your church to bring hope, deliverance, and freedom to the people of your community, setting them free from the many fears of this life and leading them to eternal security. We must focus on the power and the blessings of God, and share God’s power and blessings with others, not allowing fear to dictate our course.

Make the Most of the Huddle

When football season starts, the winning teams are the ones that did the best planning and training during the off-season. I encourage you and your church to be using this time to get ready to break from the huddle.

A winning football team has a good game plan; churches need good game plans, too. We need to get ready to break out of our huddles with plans that will impact our churches and our communities. We need to be developing our plans with passion and ambition. With God, all things are possible!

Don't Get Too Comfortable in the Huddle

We are all social beings. If we get too comfortable huddling together, our churches may settle for less than what God and the community expect of us. We are so blessed as pastors to help our congregations see the purpose of the church and get our hearts prepared for something greater. It is like a mother bird that encourages her newborn chick to fly.

Set a Date to Break from the Huddle

Planning is important, but setting a date when you are going to break from the huddle is very important, too. I have seen churches and businesses that developed elaborate plans that were never executed because they did not have a start date. They talked and planned, talked and planned, but they never said “Go.” The team had no actual expectations of achievement or success. They lacked excitement.

Sometimes everyone is waiting on everyone else to take the first step to execute the plan. That’s your job as a leader. We need to encourage others to not settle for just the huddle, but to step out and execute God's plan for our church.

Look Upon Us as Your Coach

Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom of God! I pray the Lord will lead you and your team back onto the playing field and into the end zone to win the game!

If you feel defeated during these tough times, please give us a call so we can encourage you and pray with you. You can reach Pastoral Care Inc. at 918-758-4147 or at jfuller@pastoralcareinc.org. We care about you, and we want to see you win the victory!



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