"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"
"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"

Pastor, you are important in the kingdom of God! 


Celebrating Our 10th Year

of Blessing & Encouraging

            Our Pastors!

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Pastoral Care, Inc. is now only a touch away of blessing you!  We have developed applications for Adroid and iPhones.  It is now easier and convenient to contact us for help.  Click the information link below for instructions on how to upload your application.  Start your blessing today!

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Pastor Appreciation Video

Click HERE to connect to our pastor appreciation page, then click on the You Tube video.  There is additional information on this page of how you can bless your pastor.

Volunteer to Help Pastors

God has blessed many of you with talents, abilities, skills, and resources that can be used in the Kingdom of God!  Please consider donating what God has blessed you with to encourage and bless a pastor.  Your act of kindness can make all the difference in the world to keep a minister in the ministry!


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A Solutions-Focused Ministry

Pastoral Care, Inc. is one of the largest and most comprehensive ministries for pastors.  We simply provide care for pastors, blessing thousands of pastors all across America!  Pastoral Care, Inc. is here to serve and encourage our pastors through immediate assistance, educational support, and research.  We help pastors everyday with legal help, counseling, medical assistance, get aways, personal needs, and so much more.  Our national network of caregivers are willing to help encourage and support our pastors. 


Statistics are alarming!!!  Too many pastors leaving the ministry each year and too many churches are closing across America.  Our pastors give their all for the sake of the ministry but who is there for them?  Pastoral Care, Inc. is a vital link to the health and well-being of our pastors and churches.  Our goal is to encourage and strengthen our pastors and keep them in the ministry.  Please pray for us as we endeavor to bless pastors everywhere.

Bringing Blessings Everyday!

It is a great pleasure to bring happiness and fulfillment in the lives of pastors everywhere.  Our pastors and their families are very important to us.  We want to keep them in the ministry as well as to help our pastors along their journey.  We know what our pastors go through and we care!  We have provided over $1,000,000 worth of services for our pastors.  Our goal is to reach the $5,000,000 mark within 3 years.  Pastor, is there anything we can bless you with? 

We are launching something new!  Pastoral Care, Inc. Think Tank.  We are gathering ideas from pastors, just like yourself, on different topics and ideas within the ministry.  There may be something you had wished a seasoned-minister could had told you that would have made it easier for you as a new pastor.  Now you want to pass that along to a younger minister.  Our goal is to provide a safe outlet to share, vent, and explore the complexities of the ministry as well as providing ideas for outreach, special events, and ways to improve one's ministry.  Many pastors are looking for something new and refreshing.  We want to provide an opportunity for us to learn from each other and perhaps prevent future failures.  We need your input!   Together...we can encourage one another!

                        Click HERE to make a Think Tank Comment

Our Projects

We are constantly looking for better and more effective ways of reaching out to our pastors and helping them in their ministry.  We have recently provided the folowing materials that can be viewed in our resource section:

  • Usher's and Benevolence Manuals
  • Guidelines for Finding a New Pastor
  • Volunteer Screening Application & Critical Incident Reporting
  • Pornography Issues of Pastors and Church Members
  • Traditional vs. Contemporary Services
  • How to Deal with Disgruntled Board Members
  • How to Deal with Criticism and Staff Betrayal
  • How to Understand and Develop a Budget
  • Leadership Training, Protecting our Children, and Marriage outlines and Power Point Presentations
  • Other Practical Ministry Applications

We have added articles in our Article Section:

  • Role of a Pastor's Wife
  • Role of a Pastor's Husband
  • What Happens to the Spouse When the Pastor Dies/Resigns

This year, we are working on practical applications for the church and pastor.  These will include:

  • Needed Forms for the Daily Use of the Church and Pastor.
  • Quick Reference on Counseling Tips
  • Case Studies for Pastors
  • Surveys for the Church and Members

Pray for Us as We Endeavor to Reach More Pastors

It is estimated that over 1,700 ministers leave the ministry every year.  In fact, over 50% of the ministers starting out will not last 5 years.  One in every ten will last 10 years ot more.  As a result, over 7,000 churches closed their doors in America last year!  Without the church and strong leadership from a pastor, what hope does America have?  PCI is so vitally needed to keep our pastors in the ministry!

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