What Pastors Say About PCI



“I can’t believe there is a ministry especially for pastors.”


“Pastoral Care saved us thousands of dollars on our medical bills.”


“I was just praying, ‘God, I need your help!’ You called me so quickly, I actually thought you were the voice of God. How can I possibly thank you?”


“I heard of Pastoral Care from another pastor. I decided to call to see if you are for real. You took care of my need and didn’t ask for any money. I can’t believe someone really cares for the needs of a pastor!”


“My husband and I have given all of our time to the church (typical response). We haven’t taken a day off for over 8 years. We are tired and started to question our calling. Thank you for providing a free weekend get-a-way for us! It kept our vision alive and gave us a much needed rest!”


“I can’t believe you responded so quickly to my needs!”


“Pastoral Care is a God-send. We were too embarrassed to tell our church and denomination that we needed help.”


“Thank you for your prayers, I had no other place to turn. After you prayed, I felt a sweet peace come over me. Praise God, a week later, He answered our prayers!   It’s good to know that Pastoral Care is praying for us!”


“Our denomination thinks they are helping us but they are not. Pastoral Care is the only help I have received since I have been in the ministry!”


“I vowed to leave the ministry and then you called. Thank you for your encouragement and help, I finally feel that there is someone who cares!”


“You provided a much-needed stay for me and my wife. While we were praying, Jesus entered in the room and ministered to us. Praise God, I have a renewed spirit and hope that God really cares for me!”


“I needed legal help. Pastoral Care connected me with a Christian Attorney. It didn’t cost me anything!”


“Due to the pressures of the ministry, I thought about ending my life. I had already made plans until Pastoral Care, Inc. called me. You seemed to know what I was going through. You were ordained to call and our ministry is going stronger than ever before. Thank you for caring!”


Former ministers have stated (typical of so many): “If I had something like Pastoral Care whenever I was a pastor, I would still be in the ministry today!”


"You provided counseling and so many other helps for me and my church, how can we ever thank you?"


"Pastoral Care, Inc. has been a blessing to me for many years.  Everytime I call, I feel that someone cares about me as a person.  You were able to help me refocus on my ministry and maintain boundaires that should have been there all along.  No one else has helped my family like Pastoral Care, Inc. has!"


"Our Bible colleges paint an optomistic picture of the ministry.  I have had little or no help from anyone.  Thank goodness for Pastoral Care, Inc.!!!"

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