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Surveys are a way to measure the demands, stressors, and needs of the ministry.  Who can a pastor or spouse turn to for help and encouragement?  According to statistics, most pastors and spouses do not have a close friend.  Everyone, including pastors and spouses, need friends.  Friends are very important because they are people who accepts us for who we are, not the role we serve.  Most lay people cannot fully understand the pastor's role, except to serve them.  Pastors are people they turn to when they are hurting or in need but again, where do pastors go for help and encouragement?  Pastoral Care, Inc. is a ministry of helps and encouragement.  We are a safe and confidential place for pastors and spouses to call.  We treat pastors and spouses as a "friend" and as a "person".


We also understand that being a spouse of a pastor can be very challenging and can have its own set of stressors.  But please understand you both are very important in the Kingdom of God!  We want to better understand the areas of help that is needed in the ministry so we can better serve you. We will periodically place different surveys on this page.  We hope you can give us feedback on current issues, demands, and needs of the ministry.   Help Us Help You!


Listed below is a list of current surveys.  Some are more detailed and covers many areas of the ministry while others are very short and focues on one particular need or opinion.  We appreciate you taking time to share your feelings and thoughts.


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