Protecting Your Church from Child Abuse

Protecting our children and the integrity of the church is so vital to our day and age.  In the past, it was virtually impossible to know any preditors living near or attending your church.  Today's church has access to the internet and different reporting agencies.  These agencies will post pictures and post information regarding a sex offender.  It is imparative for the church to everything possible to ensure the safety of the children attending church or day care.  We have a church volunteer application in the resorce section that is easy to upload.  We would also encourage the church to run background checks as well as checking with state agencies. 


We have seen churches destroyed due to a lack of prudent decision making and lack of policy procedures.  Our goal is to help assist the church in ways of safeguarding our children from anything happening to them, providing training information to your staff and volunteers, and encouraging you to maintain a consistent policy plan.  


May God bless you and your church!


                                                                               Pastoral Care, Inc. Staff

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