Evaluating Your Self-Esteem

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Score as follows:    “0” If Not True       

                              “1” If Somewhat True      

                              “2” If Largely True

                              “3” If True



Score Statement of Present Condition or Action


          1. I usually feel inferior to others.


          2. I normally feel warm and happy toward myself.


          3. I often feel inadequate to handle new situations.


          4. I usually feel warm and friendly toward all I contact.


          5. I habitually condemn myself for my mistakes and shortcomings.


          6. I am free of shame, blame, guilt, and remorse.


          7. I have a driving need to prove my worth and excellence.


          8. I have a great enjoyment and zest for living.


          9. I am much concerned about what others think and say of me.


          10. I can let others be “wrong” without attempting to correct them.


          11. I have a strong need for recognition and approval.


          12. I am usually free of emotional turmoil, conflict, and frustration.


          13. Losing normally causes me to feel resentful and “less than.”


          14. I usually anticipate new endeavors with quiet and confidence.


          15. I am prone to condemn others and often wish to punish them.


          16. I normally do my own thinking and make my own decisions.


          17. I often defer to others on account of their wealth or prestige.


          18. I am willing to take responsibility for the consequences of my


          19. I am inclined to exaggerate and lie to maintain a self-image.


          20. I am free to give precedence to my own needs and desires.


          21. I tend to belittle my own talents, possessions, and


          22. I am free to speak up for my own opinions and convictions.


          23. I habitually deny, alibi, justify or rationalize my mistakes and


          24. I am usually poised and comfortable among strangers.


          25. I am very often critical and belittling of others.


          26. I am free to express my love, anger, hostility, resentment, joy,


          27. I feel very vulnerable to other’s opinions, comments, and


          28. I rarely experience jealousy, envy, or suspicion.


          29. I am a “professional people pleaser.”


          30. I am not prejudiced towards racial, ethnic, or religious groups.


          31. I am fearful of exposing my “real self.”


          32. I am normally friendly, considerate, and generous to others.


          33. I often blame others for my handicaps, problems, and mistakes.


          34. I rarely feel uncomfortable, lonely or isolated when alone.


          35. I am a compulsive “perfectionist.”


          36. I accept compliments and gifts without embarrassment or


          37. I am compulsive about eating, smoking, talking and drinking.


          38. I am appreciative of other’s achievement and ideas.


          39. I often shun new endeavors because of fear of mistakes or


          40. I make and keep friends without trying.


          41. I am often embarrassed by the actions of my family or friends.


          42. I readily admit my mistakes, shortcomings and defeats.


          43. I experience a strong need to defend my acts, opinions and


          44. I take disagreement and refusal without feeling “put down” or


          45. I have an intense need for confirmation and agreement.


          46. I am eagerly open to new ideas and proposals.


          47. I customarily judge my self-worth by comparison to others.


          48. I am free to think my thoughts that come into my mind.


          49. I frequently boast about myself, my possessions and


          50. I accept my own authority and do as I see fit.



             “SELF-ESTEEM INDEX”





TO OBTAIN YOUR SELF-ESTEEM INDEX: Add the individual scores of all even numbered statements (e.g. Nos. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.). From this total subtract the sum of the individual scores of all odd statements (e.g. Nos. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.). This net score is your Current Self-Esteem Index or SEI. For example: If the sum of all individual scores of the even numbered statements is 37 and the sum of all the individual scores of the odd numbered statements is 62, your SEI is minus 25 (37-62).


The possible range of one’s Self-Esteem index is from –75 to +75. Yours will fall somewhat in between. Do not be concerned about your SEI, no matter how low, or even negative. Remember your self-esteem simply is what it is, the automatic product of your heritage and total life experience; and thus nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It is important, however, that you be honest with yourself in order to obtain as valid a score as possible. For this score is the beginning reference point in gauging your progress in building self-esteem. Also remember, that no matter how low your present SEI may be, you can bring it back up to a desired value by conscientious effort.


You may find comfort in the fact that lack of sound self-esteem is practically a universal problem that varies only in degree. It is, however, often so well camouflaged by false fronts and other protective devices that only a trained observer can detect it.


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