Checklist for Church Events, Equipment Rentals, Weddings, and Funerals

Events Checklist


Letting your members use church facilities for special family events is one of the ways your members and their relatives or friends form a special bond with your church.  Accommodating the public when they ask to use your church is not only a service but an outreach to the community. Full Printable Version Listed Below.


However, if the public’s use of the church building results in confusion, miscommunication or frustration, what was meant to be a loving service can result in hurt feelings, damaged relationships and a poor image for your church.


Communication is the key to avoiding a negative outcome.  Getting all the necessary information upfront and making sure to ask the right questions helps ensure a successful event.  The form on the next page will help your church accomplish that.


This form was developed by Pastoral Care Inc.  The form is available for download on our website:  It is available in PDF and in Microsoft Publisher.  Feel free to download, copy or edit this form to suit the needs of your church.


NOTE:  Due to recent rulings on alternative lifestyles and marriages, many churches have chosen to not lease or allow outside parties to use their facilities or equipment.  They only allow their own members and families to use them.  The church is never trying to discriminate anyone.  The church loves everyone and has a desire for everyone to surrender their lives to Christ. Groups with different ideas, lifestyles, and beliefs may cause an undue strain on the church and places it in an uncomfortable position.  This is why many churches have chosen this stance.  Please refer to your denominational guidelines or instruction. 


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