Burnout Inventory


Please take a few minutes to examine whether you may be experiencing burnout. We can help ourselves only if we are honest with ourselves.  Full article can be viewed and printed with Word or PDF formats at the links located at the bottom of this page.


Rating:     10Extremely                    5Partially                    1Not At All



Ask yourself these questions:

  • _____  I feel hopeless and trapped in my job.
  • _____  I am constantly tired.
  • _____  I am bored with my duties, co-workers and church members.
  • _____  I am easily irritated and have little patience with people.
  • _____  I am cynical about the church, people, profession and denomination.
  • _____  I want to change my daily routine, yet I feel threatened by change.
  • _____  I feel that I lack control over my circumstances.
  • _____  I have difficulty concentrating on specific tasks.
  • _____  I feel withdrawn, because working with problems, solving seems futile.
  • _____  I occupy myself with trivial activities to escape more important responsibilities.
  • _____  I use to care about others, but now I'm too preoccupied with my own health, sanity and career.
  • _____  I am restless and have difficulty relaxing or sleeping.
  • _____  I doubt that I really make a difference to my church members, co-workers, friends and family.
  • _____  I have lost my professional and personal confidence.
  • _____  I hate to get out of bed and dread going to work.
  • _____  I put off making decisions because they seem overwhelming.
  • _____  I don't' want to hear about anyone else's problems.
  • _____  I feel I have nothing more to give.
  • _____  I am just going through the motions-waiting for change, move or retirement.
  • _____  I've lost my sense of purpose or enthusiasm about my job.
  • _____  I often use phrases as, "I don't care anymore" or "why bother, it won't make a difference anyway."
  • _____  I am highly critical of others. My self-esteem is low.
  • _____  I use personal days a lot just to get away from work.
  • _____  My social involvement has decreased both one and off the job.
  • _____  I frequently complain and despair over problems.
  • _____  I am now using alcohol and drugs as an escape.


**Tally Results:

260-240: Level D (Burnt Out)
239-219: Level C (Bordering on Burn Out)
218-198: Level B (Transitioning Beyond Tiredness)
197-Below: Level A (Burn Out Isn’t An Issue, but Need to Do Some Rearrangements)


How do you feel after talking this inventory? Do you have most of these symptoms? Do you feel helpless and hopeless? If so, call us. We have people who will listen to your concerns and provide for ways to get away for a much-needed rest.


**The scoring scale was provided by God's Comfort Ministries, Waldorf, MD  20604  Phone: 240-462-0584

The actual survey was developed by Pastoral Care, Inc. 

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