Marriage Issues



      Why is there such a problem?


Three Facts of Marriage

  1. Vast majority of people desire happy lasting marriages, whether rich or poor, male or female, regardless to cultural background.
  2. There is evidence that people (and society) benefit when those, who chose marriage for themselves, are able to build and maintain marriages.
  3. As a culture, we become deeply ambivalent about marriage. We desire it, yet we fear it; we approach it, yet we will pull away; we want a successful and happy marriage, yet we do little to improve it.


In order to have a successful marriage, one must consider and realize two important absolutes before receiving any instruction on marriage:


q  We are all different. You are different from your spouse and he or she is different from you. Both have different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideas of what a marriage should look like.


q  Every marriage has problems and disagreements. No one is immune to marital problems and your problems are not unique or different from any others. It is how you handle them that counts most!


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