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We are proud to present Raymond and Carolyn Doke as our new State Directors for Eastern Oklahoma. Raymond and Carolyn are new to Pastoral Care, but know first-hand how Pastoral Care, Inc. operates since they have personally benefited from using our services.  Raymond and Carolyn are not new to ministry.  They have been pastors for over 25 years in churches in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  They understand the demands and struggles a lead pastor faces on a daily basis.  Raymond has always had a heart for our new pastors who struggle to stay in the ministry as well as those senior pastors who have "given" their lives for the sake of the ministry.  


Raymond and Carolyn Doke recently moved from Eureka Springs, Arkansas where he is the lead pastor at First Assembly of God.  They both love this area and have a heart of serving others.  Once you get to know Raymond and Carolyn, you feel as if you have known them for a long time.  You will soon feel the love and care they display on a daily basis.

When the opportunity came to serve with Pastoral Care, Raymond sated, “This is great timing for us...to help promote Pastoral Care, Inc. to our pastors in our state as well as to let them know there is a minitry who cares.  We are proud to be a part of this great ministry!"


Anthony & Angelia Crane has joined our staff as the State Director for Missouri.   Anthony & Angelia have a heart for working with pastors. This comes from their many years of traveling as a missionary evangelist , and pastoral experience for more than 28 years.

From traveling, golfing, photography or working on their land, the Cranes have found ways to connect and love pastors. The experiences Anthony & Angelia have accrued pastoring various size congregations with all the hardships & victories, has given them a compassionate heart that is ready to serve.

This calling became very clear in March of 2005, as they encountered the Holy Spirit impressing on them to  minister to ministers. Since then they have hosted ministry retreats that focus on ministerial health and wholeness,  including how to safeguard your downtime, family time and sabbaticals.  Most of all having fun and laughing a lot. Many have said they felt spiritually & physically renewed .. even their cheeks hurt from smiling so much. 

Its interesting how God weaves his plan , allowing a minister to face challenges that could someday help another minister. The message that the Cranes give is simple” You are loved, You are not forgotten, You matter to God”   The Cranes count it an honor to lead and serve in this ministry. 

Favorite scripture:  (Psalm 94:14) “For the Lord will not forsake His own people; He will never abandon His heritage”  We are excited and proud to have Anthony and Angelia as a part of Pastoral Care, Inc.  They will definitely make a difference in the state of Missouri and anywhere else they serve. 

Jerry and Linda Rotan are state directors for New Mexico.  Jerry is replacing our last director, Clyde Johnson.  Clyde has done a marvelous job in NewMexico and has encouraged, supported, and kept our pastors in the ministry through his love and compassion. 

Jerry has received his bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.  Jerry met his wife Linda at Southwestern and was married in 1972. Our daughter was born in 1974.

My wife Linda and I have been in Ministry together since 1973. We served as Music Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Lead Pastors in Lovington NM, Midland TX, Grants NM, Las Cruces NM, with the last 19 years in Casa Grande, AZ. We retired from full time ministry in January 2019.

With the Ministry of Pastoral Care and our own experiences in ministry we want to come along side pastors as an encouragement and resource.

Jerry and Linda has the same dedication and love and pastors.  We are looking forward to hearing  great and mighty testimonies of how Jerry and Linda will influence and bless the pastors of New Mexico.  We are very proud to have Jerry and Linda as a part of the Pastoral Care, Inc. team! 

Kevin and Kendra Akins has joined our staff as Area Director for Western Oklahoma and West Texas.  Kevin is an ordained minister and recently accepted to be the pastor in Elk City, Oklahoma.  He has traveled as a full-time evangelist for the past 10 years. His ministry traveled over much of Oklahoma, Missouri, West Texas and parts of Colorado. Kevin soon realized that many of those pastors are bi-vocational, working full-time on a secular job while fulfilling the duties of a pastor. He and his wife Kendra soon found out the struggles these pastors face everyday.


Before evangelizing, Kevin and his wife served as pastors but have always had a heart for ministers and discovered ways to bring encouragement to them. They established a retreat center called Journey's Inn, built in the heart of Oklahoma. Their goal was to strengthen our ministers and churches through their ministry. Their ministry theme was “Winning the Hearts of Men for the Heart of God in the Heart of America”.


Kevin understands the need for such a ministry as PCI. Too many ministers are leaving the ministry! They need encouragement, support, and a safe place to turn for help. Kevin and Kendra have two children, one married son living in Missouri and one daughter living in Texas.   We are excited to have Kevin and Kendra involved in our ministry!

We are proud to present Dwayne & Crystal maynard as our new State Directors for Arkansas.  Dwayne and Crystal Maynard are Lead Pastors of TAG Church in Little Rock, Arkansas where they have served since 2014.  Prior to pastoring in Arkansas, they pastored in Missouri and Oklahoma.  The Maynard's have a heart for pastors.  They invest time and energy in seeing other pastors become healthy leaders.  Pastor Dwayne and Crystal have two beautiful daughters who both feel called into the ministry. The both enjoy having fun doing life together. They epitomize the concept of team in the ministry. They have served as staff members and lead pastors in Assemblies of God churches in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

The Maynard's are familiar with Pastoral Care, Inc. for a number of years.  They have personally been blessed through our wonderful ministry.  They know first-hand on how this ministry is vitally needed for our pastors today.   We are so blessed to have them a part of our Pastoral Care team! 


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