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This questionnaire is based on the premise that the seven spiritual gifts mentioned in Romans 12:6-8 (Prophecy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Giving, Administration, Mercy) describe seven different temperament styles. These strongly influence the way we relate to people and how we may find the greatest fulfillment in serving the Lord.  Full article can be viewed and printed with Word or PDF formats at the links located at the bottom of this page.


This analysis assumes that God gives to every Christian one of these motivational gifts as a major tendency. He may also give one or two other motivational gifts as secondary preferences. As we discover our strongest motivational gifts, we began to understand more fully our strengths and weaknesses, and sense our need to depend on other Christians to complement our ministry. We will discover the areas of ministry where we may find our greatest fulfillment working for the Lord.


It is important to realize that no two individuals have an identical style of ministry. This questionnaire is intended only as a means of helping you discover your own gifts. Avoid applying the characteristics too rigidly. This questionnaire should not be used alone, but only in the context of a group dealing with spiritual gifts where there is opportunity for discussion, group interaction, and affirmation.




  1. Read through the list of seventy statements and place a check beside the answer which is most appropriate for you: “Usually true, Sometimes True, Seldom True, Rarely True.” Do not ponder at length over any one question. Be realistic as you can, answering not as you would like to be, but as you are at this stage of your life.
  2. After completing the seventy statements, transfer the numerical value of your answers to the Tabulation Chart found on the last page. Then add the scores horizontally in each line and record the total at the right.
  3. The total will help reflect your spiritual gift. Your primary motivational gift should be indicated by the largest number of points. One or more other motivational gifts may also rank above the others. These may be considered secondary motivations.
  4. Once you have completed the test and tallied your score, spend some time answering the questions for personal study or group discussion that follow. These are designed to help you evaluate your present place of ministry in the body of Christ in the light of what you have discovered about your spiritual motivational gifts through the test.


Beside each statement, check the appropriate box which comes closest to your normal tendency.



Usually True (5)

Sometimes True (3)

Seldom True (1)

Rarely True (0)

1. I think of ways to help others who are suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually.





2. I enjoy spending time in intense study and research of the Bible.





3. I feel people should say what they mean and mean what they say about God’s truth even though it may hurt the feelings of the listener.





4. I give more than the biblical tithe to the Lord’s work.





5. I enjoy responsibilities whichinvolve helping other Christians grow spiritually.





6. I enjoy doing small tasks that need to be done, without being asked to do them.





7. I like to take a project, break it down into various parts, and systematically organize a plan to accomplish the final goal.





8. I find it very difficult to discipline others unless I am really convinced it will help them.





9. In studying the bible, I like to study the passage in context and find what it meant to the writer before trying to apply it to myself.





10. When situations are not right, I feel an urge to speak up about them in order to correct them.





11. When I hear of someone in need, I think of the amount of money I can give them.





12. I am a possibility thinker, believing that all things are possible with God.












Usually True (5)

Sometimes True (3)

Seldom True (1)

Rarely True (0)

13. I would rather do a task myself than work with a group or committee to get it done.





14. If a project needs to be done and no one is in charge, I like to volunteer to get it organized.





15. I can sense immediately whether a person I am talking to is hurting, or is really happy.





16. I organize my thoughts in a systematic way after careful research and study.





17. I have the unique ability to discern deception, dishonesty, and compromise in the motives and actions of others.





18. I prefer to give to the work of the Lord amounts suggested by the Lord rather than have other suggest how much I should give.





19. I have the ability to help people see how their trials and difficulties can be opportunities for spiritual growth.





20. I would rather do a number of short-range immediate tasks than do one long-range task taking a year or more.





21. I have the ability to see over-all goals and the “finished picture” of a project, when others may only see the various pieces.





22. I will go to almost any length to avoid hurting the feelings of others.





23. I like to see things prepared and taught in a systematic, factual way rather than having people share just personal experiences.





24. Injustice, dishonesty, and unrighteousness in the church and community bother me enough that I am willing to speak up even though some may be offended.





25. When I feel led by the Lord to give, I give generously without thinking of the sacrifice this may involve.





26. I would rather talk to someone about their personal problems and share with them practical help from the Bible than send them to someone else.





27. I find it difficult to say “no” when I see something practical which can be done to help someone in need.





28. I would rather train others to do various tasks rather than doing everything myself.





29. I like to speak kind, comforting, reassuring words to others and I am hurt when I hear others speak harshly.





30. I enjoy communicating biblical truths to others and seeing long-range growth in knowledge of Christian faith.





31. I have a desire to share with others messages I believe are from God which can correct, encourage, and comfort them.





32. I enjoy making my home available for entertaining overnight guests who are involved in God’s work.





33. I enjoy meeting regularly over a period of time with individuals to help them grow spiritually.





34. I enjoy serving the needs of others in order to free them for more important work for the Lord.





35. I have the ability to organize people, resources, plans, timetables in order to accomplish the Lord’s work effectively.





36. When others are hurting or in pain, I can feel for them, even to the point of becoming emotionally involved.





37. I have the ability to explain difficult issues, after giving them much thought and study.





38. I am able to communicate my thoughts directly and frankly to close friends, even though they may disagree with me.





39. I think it is sinful if a person fails to manage his/her financial assets well.





40. I enjoy teaching and sharing with others, especially when I can apply the Bible to daily life.





41. I enjoy doing routine tasks to help others, even though the tasks seem menial.





42. I feel comfortable delegating responsibilities to others and directing a plan through to completion.










Usually True (5)

Sometimes True (3)

Seldom True (1)

Rarely True (0)

43. I am primarily attracted to people who express tenderness and kindness.





44. I enjoy researching answers to difficult questions.





45. When I fail to live up to the standards of Christian living which I feel is important, I become very discouraged with myself.





46. I really enjoy giving money and other material resources to Christian causes.





47. When sharing Christian truth, I enjoy illustrating it with personal examples to make it more practical.





48. I need reassurance that what I do to help other people is appreciated.





49. I am able with discipline to work under pressure and accomplish things, as long as I know my goals and objectives.





50. I feel deep compassion and understanding for those with spiritual and emotional needs.





51. The meaning of words and how people use them is important to me.





52. I speak up about what I believe is right and wrong, regardless of whether others agree or not.





53. I receive special joy in encouraging others to be more generous in their giving.





54. I really enjoy sharing the practical teaching of the Scripture as it relates to the personal and emotional problems of people.





55. When I provide things for others, I would rather give them something I made myself than something I bought.





56. In a leadership position, I feel more joy than frustration or burden.





57. I like to be involved in alleviating the sufferings of others.





58. When I hear a message I like, I check out the facts and details if I am uncertain rather than accept the speaker’s word without question.





59. When I sense the problems and the needs of the world, I am burdened to spend long periods of time in intercessory prayer.





60. When I give money or other tangible help to others, I like to do it anonymously.





61. I like to simplify complex issues into practical steps to help people grow spiritually.





62. I am a now person, and when I see a need, I want to meet it right away rather than wait for a more convenient time.





63. I enjoy being responsible for the success of the organization or group of which I am a part.





64. I avoid leadership positions where I will have to carry out decisions, which may hurt the feelings of some people.





65. I enjoy devoting great amounts of time to studying the Bible to learn the truth.





66. When I share God’s truth with others, I need to see that this brings about the change that God desires for them.





67. I enjoy living at a lower standard of living than necessary in order to have more to give to the Lord’s work.





68. I like to share with others the confidence that in spite of outward circumstances, trials, and set-backs, God always keeps His promise.





69. When I hear of some practical need that someone has, I am willing to volunteer to help meet it.





70. I am willing to endure the misunderstanding and reaction of others when working on a plan, because I know the end results of what I am seeking to accomplish.






After completing the final question, check back to make sure all questions are answered and then transfer your scores to the Tabulation Chart.







                                                            Tabulation Chart


In the boxes below, enter the numerical value of your responses to questions 1-70, (Usually True=5 points, Sometimes True=3 points, Seldom True=1 points, and Rarely True=0 points). Then, add up the ten numbers horizontally and record the results in the total column at the right.































































































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