Blessing and Encouraging Pastors Everyday is Our Mission

Pastoral Care, Inc. is one of the largest and most comprehensive ministries for pastors.  We simply provide care for pastors, blessing thousands of pastors all across America!  Pastoral Care, Inc. is here to serve and encourage our pastors through immediate assistance, educational support, and research.  We help pastors everyday with legal help, counseling, medical assistance, get aways, personal needs, and so much more.  Our national network of caregivers are willing to help provide the pastoral care needed to encourage and support our pastors.

Don't Forget to Observe Pastor Appreciation!

Pastor Appreciation is as much for us as it is for our pastors. Baby dedications are more than just a ceremony or dedication, it gives charge for the parents on how to raise that child. Funerals are more than honoring the dead, it gives encouragement, support, and instruction for those who are living. It is not up to an individual to determine whether a pastor is worthy of receiving appreciation, it is showing honor and respect for God’s plan for each of us.

   Pastoral Care, Inc.

Why Pastoral Care?  We know that our pastors give their all for the sake of the ministry but who is there for them?  Statistics are alarming!!!  It is estimated that 50% of the pastors starting out in the ministry will not last 5 years!  1 out of every 10 will actually retire as a minister.  Many pastors feel they cannot share their feelings or issues with anyone!  People usually do not look at their pastors as a person.  Perhaps viewing them as being a super-spiritual person, never having any problems.  70% of pastors report not having a close friend to share or confide.    Pastoral Care, Inc. is a vital link to the health and well-being of our pastors and churches. 


FACT:  Pastors are people we turn to when we are hurting.  QUESTION:  Where do pastors turn when they are in need or are hurting?  Our goal is to encourage and strengthen our pastors and keep them in the ministry.

Be A Part of Our Cargiver Network

Join the thousands of Caregivers to help us encourage and strengthen our pastors and churches here in America.  America needs to feel a Godly presence it once knew.  This only comes from strong churches.  Strong churches are led by strong pastors.  As we strengthen  our pastors, it will help the church to provide that Godly influence America so vitally needs.  We believe our future and the future of America is at stake!

Your act of kindness can make all the difference in the world!  Could you bless a pastor today?

      Pastor's Family

It is a great pleasure to bring happiness and fulfillment in the lives of pastors everywhere.  Our pastors and their families are very important to us.  Our goal is to keep them in the ministry as well as to helping them along their journey.  We truly care about the health and well being of our pastors.  As we strengthen and encourage our pastors, they will have the renewed energy to fulfill their calling, and thus encouraging our churches to become stronger and greater influences in our communities.  Unfortunately, most of our churches in America are inwardly focused, not outwardly focused.  People in our communities are hurting.  We need churches to become caring, loving, available, willing to share the gospel to everyone, and provide a Godly Christian influence for everyone to see.  Pastors do more than preaching...they encourage us to live a Godly life for our sake and the sake of others.

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 Pastor's Spouse

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