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Pastoral Care, Inc.'s goal is to provide help, support, and practical ministry assistance to America's pastors.  We work with every Christian denomination in providing immediate caregiving assistance, educational support, and research to our pastors so they will be encouraged and strengthened to fulfill God's call.   

Pastoral Care, Inc. provides a safe and confidential way for ministers to call and receive the help needed to stay in the ministry. By providing a network of caregivers, we are able to connect pastors who are in need with people who care.

Pastoral Care, Inc. understands the demands placed upon the ministry. Through research and educational support, we intend to reduce the stressors associated with the ministry, improve relationships between pastors, churches, and denominations, provide practical ministry helps to make a pastor's role easier and more fulfilling, and encourage our churches to become greater outreaches in their communities.

Our mission is very simple.  We want to provide a ministry specifically for pastors, reaching out and supporting their ministry together, providing assistance and helps when needed, and encourage as many pastors as we can from leaving the ministry. The fact is plain and simple...Too many pastors are leaving the ministry and too many churches are closing across America!  Without the church, what hope does America have? Without strong leadership, what direction will the church take?


By providing a ministry of love, our prayer is to let every minister know they are important in the kingdom of God and there is someone who cares. With all of us working together, we can make a difference!


                                                                                               Pastoral Care, Inc. Staff

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