Most pastors starting out never imagined themselves spending time counseling others.  All their energy was spent in preparing and sharing the gospel.  Today's pastor wears many hats.  They are the CEO of the church, having to develop knowledge in accounting, management, legal issues, and having so many duties to perform.  Printable article links of Word and PDF documents are listed to the left margin.


One of the most challenging duties is in the area of counseling.  One day a pastor may counsel with a church member on their marriage and the next day trying to help someone thinking about suicide.  A pastor must help those who are grieving, whether in death or illness.  Other issues may develop in PTSD during military conflicts or disaster.  


DISCLAIMER: This section is to provide helpful information for a pastor.  It is not intended to make a pastor a licensed professional counselor but offer suggestions and knowledge in certain areas.  It is our suggestion that a pastor be aware of their limitations and seek professional help when needed.  This section can be useful in understanding and helping those in emergencies.  


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