"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"
"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"

                 Books on Sex & Marriage



Penner, Clifford and Joyce. 52 Ways to Have Fun Fantastic Sex: A Guidebook for Married Couples.


Arthur, Kay. 2002. Sex…According to God. Colorado Springs, CO: Waterbrook Press.


Bevere, Lisa. 2002. Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry: Why Women Lose When They Give In. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing.


Hart, Archibald. 1995. The Sexual Man. Dallas, TX: Word Publishing.


Hart, Archibald, Catherine Hart, and Debra Taylor. 1998. Secrets of Eve. Dallas, TX: Word Publishing.


Maltz, Wendy. 2001. The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Revised Edition. New York, NY: Harper Perennial.


Penner, Cliff and Joyce. 1993. Restoring Pleasure: Complete Step-by-Step Programs To Help Couples Overcome the Most Common Sexual barriers. Dallas, TX: Word Publishing.


Rosenau, Doug. 2002. A Celebration of Sex: A Guide To Enjoying God’s Gift of Sexual Intimacy. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing.


Young, Edwin. 1997. Pure Sex. Sisters, OR: Multnormah Publishers.



                                        Other Recommended Books


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Chapman, Gary. The Five Love Languages.


Davis-Weiner, Michele. The Sex Starved Marriage.


Dawn, Marva J. Sexual Character Beyond Technique To Intimacy.


LaHaye, Tim and Beverly. The Acto of Marriage.


Penner, Joyce. A Gift of Sex: A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment.


Rosenthal, Saul H. Sex over 40.


Smedes, Lewis B. Sex for Christians.


Treat, Wendy. Sex: Let’s Talk About It.


Wilson, P.B. God is in the Bedroom Too: The Pleasures of True Intimacy.


Wier, Terry. Holy Sex: God’s Purpose and Plan for our Sexuality.



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