Saving Your Marriage after Adultery

                                                           A Christian Approach to Restoration


Salvaging your marriage after an adulterous affair will take some effort on your part.  Whether you are the offending party or the one who was hurt, your road to recovery is slow and complex.  When coping with adultery, you are dealing with many intense emotions: anger, jealousy, rejection, feeling vulnerable and naked, and feeling like your whole sense of security has been shattered.  You not only have your trust shattered but many times have to re-build your self-image, questioning, “What have I done wrong?  Why am I not good enough?  What caused my spouse to look elsewhere?”  In dealing with adultery, it requires effort to be open and forthright to some very hard truths, overcoming self-doubts, and to learn ways to re-build your wall of trust. 


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