What Should a Pastor When They Feel Like Quitting Their Church?

This booklet is a help for pastors who are considering reasons to quit their church and perhaps move elsewhere.  It offers suggestions for those who are thinking about quitting, providing necessary questions to ask yourself before quitting, and much more.  We hope this booklet will help you determine God's direction for your life and the right reasons for change. 


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Almost all pastors experience occasional times of discouragement or defeat when you feel like quitting the church you serve. There is an old joke that says that pastors think about quitting their churches every Monday morning. Jokes often reveal hidden truths.


The truth is more real than merly a joke.  Pastors often wrestle and think of quitting.  This booklet will assist you during that process. Full article can be viewed and printed with Word or PDF formats at the links located at the bottom of this page.


What Should Pastor Do When You Feel Like Quitting Your Church
What Should a Pastor Do When Feeling Lik[...]
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