"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"
"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"

           Pornography Help for Christians



Pastors, staff members, and lay people can suffer from pornography addictions.  These can range from nude pictures of the opposite sex, children or teen exploitation, homosexual ideation, interactions and fantasies on the internet or live phone chats.  It is estimated that over half of the men who attend church in America has some kind of addiction to pornography. 

It is very difficult for most Christians or pastors to discuss but the issue is becoming such a major factor in the spiritual well being of the church and in our calling. 


This article and other articles has helped countless numbers of lay people, staff members, and pastors across America.  Our goal is to bring healing and restoration to the current issues we and our church are facing.  Please click on the link "Complete Article" for view the whole article.   

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