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Pastor Appreciation is a time on honoring our pastors. Some merely think we are honoring a man or woman, not realizing they are representing God’s plan for us. God gave us pastors to encourage us to seek the things of God. As we honor our pastors, we are actually honoring God. Full article can be viewed and printed with Word or PDF formats at the links located at the bottom of this page.


Pastor Appreciation is as much for us as it is for our pastors. Baby dedications are more than just a ceremony or dedication, it gives charge for the parents on how to raise that child. Funerals are more than honoring the dead, it gives encouragement, support, and instruction for those who are living. It is not up to an individual to determine whether a pastor is worthy of receiving appreciation, it is showing honor and respect for God’s plan for each of us.


Many pastors are reluctant of allowing time for a Pastor Appreciation Day but just like offerings, it can rob someone of receiving a blessing from God. It is not about honoring a person, it about honoring the position they fill.


Listed below is a link to our Pastor Appreciation ideas and outline. It provides information and ideas for a Pastor Appreciation Day. We also have a link to our video that can be played at your church on Pastor Appreciation Day or perhaps a week earlier as a way of creating anticipation of this day.


Pastoral Care, Inc. appreciates our pastors and we need to do everything possible to keep our ministers in the ministry as well as educate others of this importance. You are free to copy our Pastor Appreciation Ideas for your church.  May God bless you and your church for honoring your pastor!

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