Spring Forward Past Covid-19


                Spring Forward


Spring is a wonderful time of year.  Everything seems to come alive during this time.  But I wish to start off talking about a different type of spring.  A spring is an elastic object that stores mechanical energy and releases it when the opposing force is removed. There are many types of coils that can be used but the most common one to us today is the coil spring.  There are two types of coil springs: 

Compression coil springs are designed to push back on a surface when it comes into contact with it. They offer resistance to a compressive force and are usually coiled as a constant diameter cylinder, or one that has the same size curves to its helix shape. Expansion coil springs pull on two surfaces, like the spring found on screen doors that pulls it back after it has been opened. Expansion coil springs are also called torsion springs.


The ministry during Covid has been challenging.  Covid and the effects of Covid on our church and ministry has pressed in and tried to close our ministry.  We have found ways to resist, just like the compression coil, to prevent us from collapsing or shutting down.  Outside forces, not Godly forces, will always try to get us discouraged or cause our people to “settle” for something else.  This substitute is deadly and subtly creeps into one’s life.  Thank you, pastors, for resisting, remaining firm and in place to keep the ministry going and encouraging others to remain faithful to the Lord during this time.

Secondly, it is time for us to “spring back” into service.  We need to encourage our membership ad others in our communities that our faith and hope is in God, not circumstances or in man.  It is very amusing and yet frustrating for us to see how man’s scientific wisdom and answers to this pandemic has varied and has been in chaos.  Only God, His church, and the ministry has remained faithful and true. 


I want to encourage you today by saying it is time and perhaps past time for us to “Spring Forward or Spring Back” to what is rightfully ours.  This time is a wonderful opportunity for us to share with our community and even some of our church members that God is the only thing that is constant and important in our lives.  People may be still looking for answers.  It is a perfect time to proclaim that God is alive, and the church is exactly what they need.  


Thank you, pastor, for remaining faithful and enduring the past two years.  I know it has not been easy for you.  What a wonderful testimony for everyone in your community to see that nothing will close or detour the mission of the church. 


Thank you again for your faithful service and remaining true to your calling.


If you need rest and renewal, please don’t forget our retreats.  It is a wonderful time to relax, laugh, and spend time with your spouse.  Please contact us at 918-758-4147 if you are interested. 


God bless you for all you do.  Remember, You are very important to us and in the Kingdom of God!


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