Why There is a Need to Support Your Pastor



Pastors are special people who are called into a marvelous work to bless and encourage us.  They endlessly sacrifice their time for the sake of others while sometimes neglecting their own personal or family time.  They do this without complaining.   


Most people never see or understand the sacrifices that are made.  They also do not feel the demands and stress of the ministry.  I believe people are more interested and concerned about their issues and needs rather than others.  Yet, somehow seem to think that God will miraculously take care of the pastor's needs.  Even those who serve on church boards seem more consumed about the finances of the church than are the pastor's. 


It is difficult but true to make this next statement.  People, for the most part, are oblivious of the needs of a pastor.  They only see their pastor in part, one who is smiling and encouraging others, upbeat and is always positive.  They see a person who cares for everyone and is always there in times of need, the hospital visits, the death of a family member, praying for your needs, or rejoicing in times of happiness.  Pastors are people we run to when we need help but where do they go and who do they turn to for help and encouragement? 


Through the years, too many pastors have left the ministry.  Mostly because of the demands and stressors of the ministry.  They also feel isolated, alone, and no one cares.  70% of the pastors do not have a close friend to confide or share their problems with.  80% feel the ministry has negatively affected their families. 90% of pastors stated the ministry is completely different that they thought it would be.   And 57% of pastors report not having a livable wage and cannot pay their bills.  Most of the time, the church never knows these nor take time to find out. 

Pastors may not ever share these because they are so focused on the needs of the church rather than draw attention to themselves.  Your act of kindness can bless and encourage a pastor, one who may the thinking of leaving the ministry. 


There are some things you can do to bless, encourage, and support your pastor.  I have listed some of these below:

  1.  Pray and fast for your pastor.  Matthew 17:21 says that some things only come through prayer and fasting.  One of the greatest encouragements for a pastor is to know his/her church is praying for them on a regular basis.  There is strength in numbers.  When God’s people are united for one purpose mountains, barriers, and discouragement disappear.  Understand a pastor may be facing spiritual warfare and know your prayers will help break any forces or issues that come against your church and pastor.
  2. Be conscientious of the needs of your pastor and family.  Don’t ignore the needs of your shepherd and don’t be naïve to sit back and think that God will take care of the needs of your pastor without any physical help from people like yourself.  Blessing and meeting the needs of your pastor is a type of worship to God, thanking Him for who He has sent for you.  If you and others don’t take care of your pastor, that is also making a statement to God.     
  3. Be respectful, kind, and loving to your pastor.  Everybody likes to be loved and appreciated, even pastors.  A smile or a kind word can encourage your pastor who may be having a difficult or unpleasant day.  Church members often do not see or witness all the things a pastor may go through and your small act of kindness, one that only takes a few seconds, can make all the difference in the world! 

Remember the golden rule?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Matthew 7:12 & Luke 6:30, should be a daily reminder to all of us.  This reminder applies to everyone, church members, non-church members, those who you like, those who may not like you, and of course, your pastor.

  1. Ask the pastor if he/she needs help on anything.  They would be surprised and overjoyed to hear those words.  So often a pastor does so many things around the church or errands that takes them away from study or doing the things they want to do as a pastor.  75% of pastor state they will spend 4-5 hours a week doing things around the church that they could be spend in prayer or sermon preparation.  
  2. Promote Pastor Appreciation.  Some churches do not promote pastor appreciation and as a result, many of their pastors feel they are merely a hireling rather than a shepherd.  You can go to www.pastoralcare.org for ideas.
  3. Encourage and help your pastor and their family to get away for rest.   You can help financially to encourage them to get away.  We have found that when pastors get the rest they need, they come back to the church more encouraged and rested to do more.  In other words, you get more from your pastor when they are not tired and worn out.  Secondly, their family need to get away to spend that quality time together.  80% of pastors state the ministry has negatively affected their families.  In these cases, the pastor spends more time with his/her church family than they do with their real family.  There needs to be balance in the lives of our pastors and as a result, they bring a balanced ministry to your church.
  4. Give them a gift card or note of encouragement for no reason or occasion.  The simple things often make a difference brings a smile to a person.  Knowing that someone is thinking of them, carving out some time to gift their pastor may help your pastor know that he/she is making a difference.  You may or may not want to sign the card.  Either way can make your pastor feel special. 
  5. Have your Sunday School class make a special card for your pastor.  Pastors often cherish this handmade card that kids or even adults make for them.  Pastors appreciate the time and thoughts of this class. 


For more statistics, you can go to www.pastoralcare.org to better understand the needs of your pastor.  By showing you care, pastors feel that others are with them in their ministry.  In truth, everyone should be in the ministry together.  Just as Moses had Aaron and Hur (Exodus 17:12-14), pastors need us to come along side of them.  Victories are won when we all stand together! 



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