"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"
"Connecting Pastors Who Are Hurting With People Who Care"

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   kingdom of God! 

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Pastoral Care, Inc. is now only a touch away of blessing you!  We have developed applications for Adroid and iPhones.  It is now easier and convenient to contact us for help.  Click the information link below for instructions on how to upload your application.  Start your blessing today!

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Volunteer to Help Pastors

God has blessed many of you with talents, abilities, skills, and resources that can be used in the Kingdom of God!  Please consider donating what God has blessed you with to encourage and bless a pastor.  Your act of kindness can make all the difference in the world to keep a minister in the ministry!


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Pastor's Role on Crisis Situations

Many of you may be facing the most difficult role of your life as a caregiver/minister.   You may find yourself in the midst of the most horrible disaster imaginable.  Even though it is hard to imagine, God knew beforehand that you will be facing this disaster and He will provide the strength and energy to get you through!


Our concerns as a provider for caregivers and ministers is to provide information and care for you and your family, to ensure that you remain as a pastor without the stress, burnout, or fatigue that can come over time or through a natural disaster.  As the largest provider of care for pastors, we are here for you!!!  Don’t be afraid to call on us.


Listed below is an outline for your convenience.  Please take time to read and share this with your family and staff.  Even through tragedy, God’s love and provision will prevail if one is sensible and provide the necessary safeguards to ensure success.  God is using you in such a time as this!  


                                                                             Pastoral Care, Inc. Staff

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