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Pastoral Care, Inc. is one of the largest and most comprehensive ministries for pastors.  We simply provide care for pastors, blessing thousands of pastors all across America!  Pastoral Care, Inc. is here to serve and encourage our pastors through immediate assistance, educational support, and research.  We help pastors everyday with legal help, counseling, medical assistance, get aways, personal needs, and so much more.  Our national network of caregivers are willing to help provide the pastoral care needed to encourage and support our pastors.

Pastoral Care, Inc is Making a 99.6% Difference in Ministry!

While Other Ministries Report Negative Statistics in the Ministry, We Bring Solutions!

Welcome to Our Ministry

Thank You Pastors for All You Do in the Kingdom of God!

For decades, most researchers, including Pastoral Care, Inc.,  have discovered and published a list of the stressors, demands, and reasons why pastors leave the ministry.  Statistics are great to bring an awareness to an issue or problem; however, they do nothing to improve, eliminate, or bring about a positive solution to the ministry and reduce the number of pastors leaving the ministry.  But there is hope: Pastoral Care, Inc. is a ministry of helps. 

Pastoral Care, Inc. Will Be Launching Something New in 2024!

Two Important Books for Every Church and Pastor

There are two outstanding books that will impact and change your church. One of these books is entitled, Holy Deacons.  Most churches do not have any guidelines or instruction for their deacons, so they merely fill a role of a decision maker on business decisions, without any special calling, anointing, or purpose.  This book is the best guide for any deacon to walk in a special calling to help lead the church to greater things,  along with case studies on how other boards have handled certain situations.  It is a must for any church!

What a Church Needs to Understand to Better Support Their Pastor is a book to help the church to better understand the ministry and their pastor.  People can only relate to their worldview.  As a result they cannot fully comprehend the ministry world of the pastor.  When churches understand the ministry, its purpose, and support their pastor, power things begin to happen.  The church grows, there is better unity and excitement in the church, and the church starts to change from being inwardly focused, on their needs and desires, to being outwardly focused on the needs of others in the community.  Broken homes are mended, marriages are restored, and the community finally sees a real church with real people who really care!       

Practical Ministry Helps

Pastors & Spouses Find These Interesting

      PCI Videos

PCI Videos to Pastors and Churches sharing the need to support our pastors and churches across America like never before! 


These videos help explain the need for Pastoral Care and becoming personally involved. 

   Christian Jokes

We have found that laughter is the best medicine!  Sermons are often better with a little humor. 


Click on the link below to find a joke or humorous story to make your sermon complete.

   Pastor Surveys 

Statistics in the ministry may vary.   We want your opinion on both the positives and negatives of the ministry.  This helps us know which areas of help that are needed to identify any positive areas of support you receive.   If you are a senior pastor or spouse, please click on the link below to our surveys. 


Pastors' Wives

Silently Bleeding represents the struggles pastors’ wives and women in ministry often face alone.   We are silently bleeding. This is not what God had in mind.  We offer hope for the hurting and tackle hard topics with authenticity and respect.  Click on the link below.  Hear what other pastor's wives say they need.

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Why Pastoral Care?  We know that our pastors give their all for the sake of the ministry but who is there for them?  Too many pastors leave the ministry.  It is estimated that 50% of the pastors starting out in the ministry will not last 5 years!  Over 70% report not having a close friend.  Many pastors feel they cannot share their feelings or issues with anyone!  We are a safe and confidential ministry for pastors.

Understanding Our Vision for Pastors

It is a great pleasure to bring happiness and fulfillment in the lives of pastors everywhere.  Our goal is to keep our pastors in the ministry as well as helping them along their journey. 

 As we strengthen and encourage our pastors, they will have renewed energy to fulfill their calling and  encouraging our churches to become stronger and greater influences in our communities. 

    Our New Phone App

 Pastors, stay connected Pastoral Care, Inc. with our newest phone app.  This application makes it easy for you to contact us, make prayer requests, get answers for the ministry, and make a donation.


You are only one-touch away from receiving a blessing.  Remember, you are very important in the Kingdom of God!!! Never forget that.


You are not alone in the ministry, you have Pastoral Care, Inc!


 We make it easy for you or your church to give to our ministry.  We are not rying to compete with foreign missions but let me ask a question: How does that directly bless America? America needs to turn her eyes back on to the Lord!  While other countries are benefited by our support, we need to support those trying to make a difference here in America!  

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